The Reviews Are In - Renée's A Hit!

There is something spicy going on at the Theater at St. Clement’s. This lighthearted look at Taylor’s self-image and her quest for love … is a fascinating evocation of a woman with a weak body image and a strong sense of humor. A veritable depository of old-fashioned zingers … one-liners and well-timed pauses.
— THE NEW YORK TIMES, Elisabeth Vincentelli
"Taylor’s skills — as an actress, comedian, raconteur and Bronx-inflected everywoman — are on full and unabashed display in her hilarious, warm-hearted one-woman show. Taylor keeps it personal, bringing authenticity, poignancy and ironic wit to the proceedings."

- LOS ANGLES TIMES, Gary Goldstein

“An amazing timeline packed-full with career, co-stars, famous encounters and family lore.”

“Fabulous. Don’t miss the chance to see this true
comedy legend in person!”

The inimitable Renée Taylor’s new show is wonderful. Her Marilyn Monroe stories alone are priceless – it’s an evening laced with love and laughter. Go!
— NEW YORK POST, Barbara Hoffman
Still charming and sexy at 85, Taylor dishes out laughs — and unexpectedly tender moments — recalling life, love and what she ate (or tried not to).
— NEWSDAY, Joseph Amodio

“Renee Taylor is hilarious in
the fabulous My Life on a Diet.
A total HOOT! GO see it!”
- PAPER, Mickey Boardman

Revealing & Hilarious!
— PARADE MAGAZINE, Jeryl Brunner

“It's worth your time to watch Taylor park her sequined behind in a throne of animal print and read her memoirs.”
- THEATER MANIA, Hayley Levitt

“I figured a show about diets with Renée Taylor would be cute and very funny, but I was blown away by the charm, sweetness, generosity, and raucously divine self-deprecation with which Ms. Taylor lights her memories and her life.”
- WBAI RADIO, Janet Coleman

★★★★ /4-stars. You say you want a good laugh. If you’re truly serious about laughing heartily, you’ll get to Taylor recounting ‘My Life on a Diet’ real fast. It’s LOL funny. Knee-slapping punch lines! Absolutely every single solitary joke lands, and there’s a rarity for you.

"Poignant, Personal & Comedic!"
- THE EPOCH TIMES, Judd Hollander

"A Funny Romp!"
- NEWNOWNEXT, Michael Musto

"Plenty of Laughs!"
- CURTAIN UP, Elizabeth Ahlfors

MY LIFE ON A DIET is fulfilling, salty and sweet.

“Sheer delight. Taylor is such a gifted artist with a great willingness to share her infectious spirit. This story of a disappearing show biz world and a young woman’s dream to be part of it is a must for anyone who wants to think back on the past and laugh in the present.”
Nancy cohen-koan

“Still sexy and charming at 85, Taylor is hysterical and tender. Her comic timing is perfect. This nostalgic trip through memory lane is entertaining and light hearted.”
Suzanna Bowling

“A light, frothy soufflé. I suggest you binge on ‘My Life on a Diet,’ the comical sundae topped with a cherry of sentiment being served up by the eternally delicious Renée Taylor. Not only can you watch it without gaining weight, you may even, as the show’s ads say, ‘drop 300 calories laughing.’" - THEATER PIZZAZZ,
Samuel L. Leiter

Taylor’s saga — so funny and rich with detail — is one for the show biz books. Taylor can get a joke over the net like Serena Williams on ambush, you’re laughing and don’t realize what happened.
— SHOW BIZ 411, Roger Friedman

“The show is much like Taylor herself— ebullient, entertaining, with a soupçon of something complex simmering beneath the showbiz bluster. It packs plenty of laughs, with some dollops of poignant emotion on the side.” - THEATER IS EASY, Heather J. Violanti

“The show is non-stop hilarious – but it’s also, alternately, and sometimes simultaneously, a saga of the life of a serious, immensely talented performer in 20th Century America. Our highest recommendation!” - NY THEATRE BUYING GUIDE, Ronald Gross